China's Re-Performance Technology Capabilities Super Fast Electric Shanghai Maglev

China inaugurated the operation of the longest track speed train. Chinese television broadcast live the first trip was super fast train Shanghai Maglev from Beijing West Railway Station. For paths along the 2298 kilometers between the capital Beijing to Guangzhou in the south of the country, passengers only need 8 hours of travel time with Shanghai Maglev compared to the previous 22 hours. On average the Shanghai Maglev was traveling at 300 kilometers per hour. Along the Beijing-Guangzhou, the Shanghai Maglev stops in all major cities. According to the Chinese official media, the initiation of the operation of the longest track speed train was selected on 26 December. To achieve this amazing speed, powertrains as well as to develop new systems in the design of the rail line.

On the TGV rail lines, along the rail is welded with a hybrid steel and concrete, which is placed over a thick cushion reply. A combination of factors will determine the superelevation angle and super speed realization of this: within a radius of 5 km (3 miles) was considered too short. Among each carriage is connected with two axle semi permanent. China Shanghai Maglev speed is still below the achievements of Japanese mass transportation technology. The world record owned by Japan's fastest train of magnetic levitation technology, called Maglev. Shanghai Maglev managed to break the world record on April 21, 2015. At trial near Mount Fuji, Maglev able to accelerate up to 603 kilometers per hour. Shanghai Maglev technology that lifted her off the rails then moved by magnetic force generated electrically. Note that the speed of the previous record, which is 590 kilometers per hour.

In Shanghai Maglev system used is the electromagnetic force between the magnetic super conductors on the train with a coil body on sleepers. At the time of magnetization passes at high speed, an electric power appears on the coil, resulting in a transient electromagnetic field. As a result, there are two workers, who were pushing and interesting superconducting magnet so that the Shanghai Maglev trains float above the sleepers. This power also cause Shanghai Maglev trains could travel at very high speeds.

High-Speed Electric Train That Also Have Many Facilities

Interesting features of this Harmony CRH380A train, Harmony CRH380A tracks almost 100% in the form of floating or elevated. The result is a train with speeds reaching 302 km/hour can drive unhindered with the track rails of up to 1,560 km from Beijing to Shanghai. Harmony CRH380A is a trains that use electric power use based track rails with concrete pads. Regarding comfort, super-fast trains will spoil anyone who is in it. The clatter of the train tracks, almost nothing, the Harmony CRH380A train accelerated easily float in the air.

The shaking or swaying imperceptibly train or invisible sway of the train. Which is visible from the window, the trees are getting away quickly from the eye due to the effects of high-speed trains. Talk about facility, the Harmony CRH380A is equipped with clean toilets and water-saving applied in a similar aircraft. The dining room was clean and neat, especially the interior space gives the impression carriage of passengers are in the air flying. Some additional facilities such as the availability of hot water provide another convenience for Harmony CRH380A passengers. Janitor were every few minutes come to seek hopper bins and sweep floors. In addition, the fast train passengers when the station can show the ticket to be exchanged for 330 ml mineral water for free. It is a service and pampering the passenger of Harmony CRH380A train.

Agv Italo Luxurious And Fast Electric Train Born In Italy

Automotrice Grande Vitesse or AGV Italo is the first train from generation AGV kind ever created in the history, operation since 2012 in Italy, this is the fastest train in Europe there. I think Italy does not want to lose the same French dominance in the manufacture of super fast trains. The AGV Italo Italian had won the fastest in Europe with an average speed of 360 km / h. AGV Italo also had other achievements are very proud that a train with a top speed into third in the world. Honestly, the AGV Italo speed record ever occupies the highest in the world while the vehicle is driving 574.8 km / h.

AGV Italo also had other achievements are very proud that a train with a top speed into third in the world. Honestly, the AGV Italo speed record ever occupies the highest in the world while the vehicle is driving 574.8 km / h. The AGV Italo interior design of trains made by designer Giorgetto Giugiaro provides exclusive service for its passengers. The AGV Italo interior design that includes the club, live television, a fairly spacious room, free Wi-Fi access, and more. In this train, there is also a cinema with 39 seats. About 25 fleets this train will serve the route Turin-Salerno and Rome-Venice early 2012. These AGV Italo can travel at speeds of 300 kilometres per hour within the limits of the maximum permissible train in Italy.